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About us

Praxis Credit Consulting

We have been helping people clear Credit Reports since 2004 of items that are misleading, inaccurate, obsolete and duplication's. By using a strict compliance monitoring systems and the most creative credit repair strategies to generate industry leading results. Praxis Credit Consulting continues to set the pace to generate second chances for our clients in the credit repair industry.

We have become a Trusted Leader

Praxis Credit Consulting is committed to providing quality services, with a proven track record. For close to a Decade we have helped people create a second chance to not only obtain their goals of home ownership, better jobs, saving on day to day items (insurance, credit card interests, mortgage loans and auto loans)

A Brief History of Praxis Credit Consulting

We were founded in 2004, when our owner wasn’t able to find assistance of putting his life/finances together after a divorce. With all the so called help and misguided information provided to the general public he set out to find the truth. Thus Praxis Credit Consulting has created a road map on how to get out of the stress and end the phone calls from collectors.


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