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Judgments / Liens / Late Payments

When is a payment really considered late?

Dear Praxis Credit Consulting

I recently forgot to send a credit card payment until it was about 45 days late.I have never made a late payment before.Will this one time mistake really hurt my credit score?


How serious is a lien on my home?

Liens are serious business. Not only do liens of all kinds affect your credit score for years and years, but they also have a lasting impact on all aspects of your financial life. Here is the basic lay out of the types of liens:


How judgments affect your credit score

Any new negative claim against your credit is going to hurt your credit score. Those are the simple facts. Judgments are considered a bit more severe than late payments and collection accounts; they are viewed more similarly to a bankruptcy or foreclosure. This means you can count on a hit of somewhere between 120 to 200 points. It’s not pretty so if there is any possibility or opportunity to avoid a judgment you’ll definitely want to take them up on their offer.