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Why Praxis Credit Consulting?

Using strict compliance monitoring systems and the most creative credit repair strategies to generate industry-leading results, we’ve been helping our clients rise above financial worries since 2004. Praxis Credit Consulting continues to set the pace to generate second chances for our clients in the credit repair industry.  Praxis puts the needs of clients like you above all else and delivers on our promises to restore, teach and support our clients current and future needs.



A trusted leader

Praxis Credit Consulting is committed to providing quality service and with a proven track record to back it up. For nearly a decade we have helped our clients pilot a second chance to achieve their goals of home ownership, better jobs and job security, all the while saving on day to day items like insurance, credit card interests, mortgage and auto loans.  Check out our Praxis Testimonials of our more than satisfied clients and our stellar rating on the Better Business Bureau!



An Important distinction


Unfortunately there are a lot of bad apples in the credit counseling industry and we understand the hesitation to ask for help with all of the negative press.  We adhere to the strict letter of the Credit Repair Organizations Act of 2009.


Praxis Credit Consulting absolutely does stand behind what we say and what we do. We will never promise results we cannot deliver or betray the trust of our clients. We will not offer unlawful guarantees nor recommend unethical practices, but always deliver on solid results. We simply strive to and have a consistent proven track record of removing items that are obsolete, misleading, inaccurate, or duplications from your credit report.


You can visit our local office in Tempe, Arizona to meet your credit processing specialists in person or simply give us a call for your convenience. If you’d prefer we can also set up an in-home counseling visit because we know your schedule may be a bit hectic. You will find we are very unlike the plethora of online services, which you can never get a hold of, we are here to serve you.





Praxis Credit Consultants are expert financial counselors who can help you:

- Repair and rebuild your credit


- Clean up your credit reports by removing inaccurate, out of date, and duplicate items that are unfairly hurting your credit score including: Collections, Late Payments, Charge-offs, Repossessions, Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, and Short-Sales.


- Stop collection agencies from constantly harassing you at your home or workplace


- Boost your credit score to improve your chances of qualifying for lower interest credit cards, home mortgages and car loans


- Learn negotiation strategies to save money now and in the future when faced with purchasing a new car, negotiating


- Identify and protect from identity fraud and outright theft



A Brief History of Praxis Credit Consulting

Praxis Credit Consulting was founded in 2004 when a clear lack for trustworthy credit counseling was recognized in our community. The foundation of the company evolved naturally and from personal experience when owner, Greg Shaw wasn’t able to find dependable help rebuilding his life and finances after a divorce. Sure there was the advice of the divorce attorney and friends and family, but that wasn’t enough to help rebuild the fundamental details of life. Knowing this is a serious life-hurdle developing from divorce but also job loss, illness or a myriad of other reasons, millions are forced to face on their own, Praxis came to be.  The desire to be a central and all encompassing source of credit and financial advice and counseling, Praxis Credit Consulting can help provide a clear road map to a second chance for great credit and a positive financial outlook.


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