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We have all heard the stories about how a friend gave someone $1500 or some other crazy amount of money with the promise of better credit. Just to have this person or so called company vanish into thin air. 

Personally we cant tell you how many times we have been sitting across from a client where they ask "why should I trust you?" Well the real honesty of that question is we truly want to help people get a second chance on their credit.

Praxis Credit Consulting was founded based on the fact that we are real people that have been in your shoes. Whether it was a divorce, bankruptcy, identity theft, foreclosure, short sale or whatever - someone at Praxis Credit Consulting has been in that spot. As a team we have developed the systems that have & will provide the results you are looking for in todays credit world.

We have built our business one client at a time since 2004 with hand shakes & tough conversations that need to be had so that you can get to a better spot with your credit scores.

Give us a call or try out the service to see for yourself.

All of our programs are set to a time limit -

  • one to give you a starting & stopping point.
  • two to have open communication with the mid- evaluation & the final evaluation - this allows you to know what is going on.
  • finally to give you the control on debt that has been validated

So take a look around on the site & see the real difference of Praxis Credit Consulting versus the others.


This model is created by attorneys that typically charge you for everything that they do. They will have different level programs that will only do part of the work until you upgrade to the highest program.

In addition to that they will keep you in the credit rebuilding process for up to 18 to 22 months which does nothing but send their kids to college, if you know what i mean.