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With almost 10 years of experience, you can study on your time, at work or online. We offer multiple classes not only to help repair your credit but also help you obtain your goals.  We offer you life changing lessons in all areas of credit study.
  • Clean up the past
  • Easy to follow road map
  • Present budgeting
  • Teaching successful habits
  • Eliminating the hurdles
  • Future success
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 DIY Credit Repair

Praxis Credit Consultings “DIY Credit Repair” program is powerful and intuitive.  DIY Video

Our “DIY credit repair”program  is a month to month system. Designed for individuals to complete the credit repair process on their own. We have created out a road map of our time-tested methods of credit repair. We have laid out a time progressed program so that you don’t experience the most common mistakes by doing it yourself. 

    • Creating a Road map for you to follow
    • Establish New Credit
    • Credit Bureau Disputes
    • Month to Month service

We don’t recommend this program for anyone that doesn’t have the time or discipline to follow this program to the letter. Results may vary by person and will vary if program is not followed completely as instructed. Please compare programs in detail, remember “cheaper doesn’t always mean done better” or correctly. This program could have lasting results on your credit report.

 Disclaimer**We recommend that you complete the program in its entirety*


DIY Credit Repair Details

Create a Road map for you to follow 
No matter how desperate or challenging your situation may be this program will help you create a road map for success. Praxis Credit Consulting gives you the tools to challenge as many lines with the credit bureaus at no additional charge. As you progress through this program the steps will be revealed to you so that you can have the best results possible. 

Credit Bureau Disputes 
By addressing your items that are misleading, obsolete, inaccurate or duplications it will help improve your credit score.  No matter how many items you have to dispute you will only be charged our low monthly fee. 

Establish New Credit
While cleaning up your past mistakes you will still need to establish new lines of credit. We will show you the most effective ways to build credit. Praxis Credit Consulting gives you the tools because we have been in your shoes, where no one will look at you because of your credit. We will explain these options to you in simple English not some complex language that doesn’t make sense. 

Month to Month service 
We charge for access to our program one month at a time. We will release new monthly information as the steps are completed  to help you achieve your credit goals. Understanding that this program (DIY credit repair) is built for a 8 month time frame, we recommend retaining the services for this program for at least 8 months; however you are free to cancel this program at any time without penalty or further obligation. 


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