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Praxis Credit University

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With almost 10 years of experience, you can study on your time, at work or online. We offer multiple classes not only to help repair your credit but also help you obtain your goals.  We offer you life changing lessons in all areas of credit study.
  • Clean up the past
  • Easy to follow road map
  • Present budgeting
  • Teaching successful habits
  • Eliminating the hurdles
  • Future success
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Economy Credit Repair 

Economy Credit Repair adds our professional touch   Economy Credit Video

While all of our programs are affordable and focus solely on disputing questionable items with the credit bureaus our Economy Credit Repair program adds several unique features that are targeted directly at your creditors. This allows us to make this program affordable so that our system helps your credit issues on multiple fronts with multiple laws, and increases your chance of improved results.

  • Directed by one of our online Credit Counselors
  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Creating a Road map for you to follow
  • Establish New Credit
  • Credit Bureau Disputes
  • Credit Report -Included
  • Unlimited online support

Since additional methods are brought into this program, Praxis Credit Consulting clients may see progress sooner than the “DIY credit repair”. However, it is important to remember that we cannot promise any certain result or promise results within a certain timeframe by law. By using this program you will have a team of professionals working for you with a proven track record, to work hard to have any items that are misleading, obsolete, duplications or inaccurate removed from your report.

Economy Credit Repair adds the following services:

Economy Credit Repair Details

Directed by one of our Credit Counselors

This program is recommended for individuals that want a professional Credit Consultant to help walk them through the maze of the problems. The Economy program makes it affordable to re-establish good credit again. This program will direct you in a straight forward approach in addressing your credit challenges. If you have had a short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy or any other credit challenges this is the program  to assist you in achieving higher credit scores.

 Credit Report Analysis

Our Praxis Economy program includes online coaching while providing in depth analysis of your credit report. It will define all of the hurdles you have been encountering and will bring to light all the challenges and hurdles you may be experiencing. We will then be able to establish a clear road map for you to increase your credit score. 

Creating a Road map for you to follow

You will have directions to create a simple road map for you to follow while Praxis does the work for you. The simple road map consists of:  removing any items that is obsolete, inaccurate, misleading and duplication's  along with re-establishing new credit. While progressing through the program we provide a mid evaluation and a final evaluation to keep you updated on your credit journey.   

 Establishing New Credit

Our Credit Consultants will guide you through the process of establishing credit.  This will eliminate any unnecessary credit declines you have experienced in the past.

Credit Bureau Disputes

 This program covers credit bureau disputes removing any item that is obsolete, inaccurate, misleading and duplications by applying the current consumer protection laws and up to date strategies. By using our professional expertise we help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls.

Ticket & Online Support

Our Praxis Economy program includes online ticket and chat support with our credit advisers


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