Praxis Credit Repair

Praxis-Premium Credit Repair


Praxis Credit Repair targets all of your credit needs.   {modal url=/praxis-credit-ivideo.html|width=685|height=430}Praxis Credit Repair Video{/modal}

Our most comprehensive credit repair level offers you a personal Certified Credit Consultant. Helping you reach your credit goals may require more than just disputing your credit reports. This service adds additional benefits designed to go the extra mile on your credit education.  Whether it is buying a home or just the satisfaction of getting it done right the first time, this program is built for generating your second chance.

Program Includes:

  •                Coached by a personal Certified Credit Consultant
  •                 Personal Credit Report Analysis
  •                 Creating a Road map for you to follow
  •                 Establish New Credit
  •                 Credit Bureau Disputes
  •                 Credit Report – Included
  •                 Phone & online support


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Economy Credit Repair

Economy Credit Repair 

Economy Credit Repair adds our professional touch   {modal url=/economy-credit-ivideo.html|width=685|height=430}Economy Credit Video{/modal}

While all of our programs are affordable and focus solely on disputing questionable items with the credit bureaus our Economy Credit Repair program adds several unique features that are targeted directly at your creditors. This allows us to make this program affordable so that our system helps your credit issues on multiple fronts with multiple laws, and increases your chance of improved results.

  • Directed by one of our online Credit Counselors
  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Creating a Road map for you to follow
  • Establish New Credit
  • Credit Bureau Disputes
  • Credit Report -Included
  • Unlimited online support

Since additional methods are brought into this program, Praxis Credit Consulting clients may see progress sooner than the “DIY credit repair”. However, it is important to remember that we cannot promise any certain result or promise results within a certain timeframe by law. By using this program you will have a team of professionals working for you with a proven track record, to work hard to have any items that are misleading, obsolete, duplications or inaccurate removed from your report.

Economy Credit Repair adds the following services:

Economy Credit Repair Details

Directed by one of our Credit Counselors

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DIY Credit Repair


 DIY Credit Repair

Praxis Credit Consultings “DIY Credit Repair” program is powerful and intuitive.  {modal url=/diy-credit-ivideo.html|width=685|height=430}DIY Video{/modal}

Our “DIY credit repair”program  is a month to month system. Designed for individuals to complete the credit repair process on their own. We have created out a road map of our time-tested methods of credit repair. We have laid out a time progressed program so that you don’t experience the most common mistakes by doing it yourself. 

  • Creating a Road map for you to follow
  • Establish New Credit
  • Credit Bureau Disputes
  • Month to Month service

We don’t recommend this program for anyone that doesn’t have the time or discipline to follow this program to the letter. Results may vary by person and will vary if program is not followed completely as instructed. Please compare programs in detail, remember “cheaper doesn’t always mean done better” or correctly. This program could have lasting results on your credit report.

 Disclaimer**We recommend that you complete the program in its entirety*

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5 Things That Won't Hurt Your Credit Score!

  1. What is or isn’t in your bank account – Bank account information will never, ever appear on your credit report and therefore can never affect your credit score. Your credit report is a comprehensive list of your debts, not your assets. If you plan on applying for a home loan or a car loan a chunk of change in your bank account can still help even though it won’t help your credit score. Extra money in the bank always looks attractive to lenders; some even consider it a “compensating factor” for a lower than desired credit score.

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Why Do I Have Different Credit Scores?

Great question! Every time a credit report is pulled by a company analyzing your ability to repay a loan they request your credit history from not one, but three credit bureaus; Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Why do we need to have three different credit bureaus you may ask? Well in a way it is for your own protection! Think of it like a checks and balances system, if there were just one bureau they may go mad with power and create ridiculous credit standards, with three I suppose this is less likely.

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The True Cost of Rewards Points


Have you heard these words spoken before? “I use my credit card instead of my debit card because my credit card accumulates reward points. I pay it off every month so what’s the difference?” It SEEMS like a pretty good plan doesn’t it? Turns out there may be a price to pay for those tempting rewards points.


Not only do credit cards cost money to have; annual fees, interest rate charges etc. but they also may ding your overall credit score. Of course you say; that’s the nature of the beast! Fair. But you may not be fully aware of the creature with which you tangle.


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Little Known but very Important Mortgage Tips


Frequently we hear from clients, friends or simply overhear random conversations about how frustrated people are with the home buying process, particularly the mortgage loan portion – which is a pretty big portion! The three most important things to know about real estate are location, location, location, right? Well in the world of mortgages it’s preparation, preparation, preparation.


When I hear the irritation of those going through the mortgage process I have been able to come up with a few tips that if the buyer had known ahead of time would have saved everyone quite a headache.


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Mortgage rates are so low, why is it so hard to get one?


Mortgage interest rates are so crazy low that it seems like lenders are practically begging you to come and take their money to buy a home. Interest rates are hovering at levels that rival the lowest rates over the past 50 years. All indications from the powers that be (the Federal Reserve) indicate that rates probably won’t be jumping anytime too soon either? If this is the case then, why is the housing market still so lousy?


It is true that mortgage lenders really do want to loan you their money for a new home, they are just being really picky about it! The housing crash shed light on bad lending practices that brought down behemoth Wall Street banks and now the few left standing are being really careful. So how can you actually qualify for these fantastically low rates? Review this quick checklist:


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Facebook and Twitter may soon affect credit scores. Really.


This concept is hard to believe I know. As if posting a picture you didn’t intend your co-workers to see or accidentally updating something to completely offend half of your friends list wasn’t bad enough, soon your Facebook and Twitter may diminish your ability to obtain a loan and blemish your credit report.


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Facing Foreclosure? There may still be hope for your Home and Credit Score.

The realities of facing a foreclosure can be very painful to grasp. A foreclosure not only means the loss of a home but realistically a huge gouge to your credit and a mountain of debt. There is always hope and a road to recovery, but if you are able to catch the foreclosure before there it is finalized you may be able to save yourself a lot of money and hundreds of points to your credit score.

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Your credit score may not be at fault for being denied for new credit..


Being denied for a new credit card is not a good feeling to say the least. More than likely if you’re like the rest of us, you’ll probably be looking for somewhere to lay the blame for that nasty feeling of rejection. You’re first reaction may be to blame your credit score, but not so fast! Banks and lenders definitely weigh a credit score heavily in their decision as to whether or not to grant a credit line but the scrutiny doesn’t stop there.


In recent years it has become fairly difficult to become approved for a credit card especially cards with reasonable terms. If you already know that you may not have the best credit history and have your fingers crossed during the application process it’s important to remember that lenders are being particularly picky these days. Rather than take it too personally take the opportunity to turn your credit history around and proactively make some changes so that down the road you’ll be the consumer banks drool over.


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Credit Report vs. Credit Score


The terms credit report and credit score seem synonymous, but really there is a difference between the two that as a consumer is important to know. To sum it up you can have a credit report without a credit score but not the other way around. If you’ve pulled your yearly free credit report at annualcreditreport.com (which you really should!) you’ll notice it’s missing a credit score. Let me break it down:


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Credit Forecast: 2012


2012 is likely to be a year of credit recovery thanks to the legislation of 2011 as well as the evolution of consumer outlook on their financial needs versus wants list. It of course can’t be set into stone that 2012 will bring about an even better economic and credit climate than last year, but there are six factors which forecasters consider positive indications.


  1. Higher Credit Scores – Overall economic stability likely means higher credit scores across the board. National unemployment dropped from 2010 to 2011 and has indications of further dropping in 2012. How does this mean higher credit scores? Typically consistent income and jobs is a direct indicator that consumers will be able to pay their bills on time and therefore be able to maintain a healthy credit score.

  2. What Frank-Dodd did Part 1 - The Frank-Dodd act of 2010 put into effect as of October 1st, 2011 a multitude of financial policies to benefit and protect consumers. One of the many changes under this law changed transaction fees banks are allowed to charge on debit card transactions. Since October we’ve seen a bit of flip-flopping of banks attempting to enact a monthly debit card fee. It’s hard to say where this will land but its more than likely that we will see less debit card use and a rise in pre-paid “debit” cards as well as rewards credit cards. An increase in credit card use should help boost the credit economy.

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How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

 Identity theft has become one of the United States top crimes. It is estimated that on a yearly basis, this crime costs the government an alarming $1.3 Billion. Identity theft works so well because the swindlers are easily able to get all the information and documentation about their victim that they need. Another very alarming fact is that theft of an identity can go completely unnoticed for many months prior to the realization that the crime has occurred. In 2007, the United States will implement a new Type of identification card. This card will have biometrical information on the individual.

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How To Increase Your Credit Score With Credit Cards


Credit cards are often the first step for a Consumer to build their credit score. When you make regular payments with a small Credit Limit, lenders will be more willing to lend you larger amounts. Before you jump out and open an account, make sure you don’t have too many credit lines open or otherwise hurt your credit.

Pick A Good Card

Credit Card companies offer several different types of credit cards for consumers. You can find student programs that require no Co-Signer or income. This is a great offer for your first card, but these cards also have higher rates.

You can also find cards with cash back rewards or other incentives. The trade-off are higher rates though. However, you can find no frill cards with low interest rates if you plan to carry a balance. Whichever credit card program you choose, make sure it fits with your financial goals.

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How to choose a credit repair service


There is no doubt you’ve heard horror stories of people victimized by deceitful credit repair companies. We realize we run our business in an industry with an ugly reputation and in despite of these negativities we strive to provide a transparent plan of action to ensure you that we are here to help. Just as you may be looking for help in repairing your credit to show lenders that you’re a trustworthy individual in the sea of devious people, we strive to show you the same.

Your credit history is important and if you’re already suffering from a blemished past, the last thing you need is to be taken advantage of and left in a worse credit mess than you were previously. Whether you choose to work with us at Praxis Credit Consulting, or with another credit counseling service (though we really hope you choose us) there are a few important aspects of a counseling service you should consider.

First, do your research

Welcome to the age of free and easy to access information! Simply Google searching any credit repair service you may be considering will help shed a decent amount of light on the type of company you may be dealing with. See if there are past customer testimonials or client reviews available to read. But don’t stop here. Check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if they are a member as well as their current rating within the Bureau. To be very safe, you may want to check with your state’s Corporation Commission to see if there are any legal actions pending with this company.

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How serious is a lien on my home?

Liens are serious business. Not only do liens of all kinds affect your credit score for years and years, but they also have a lasting impact on all aspects of your financial life. Here is the basic lay out of the types of liens:

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How much will a Short Sale hurt my Credit Score?

It goes without saying but a short sale will no doubt damage even the highest credit score.It is fair to ask, what is a reasonable expectation for your credit to be after a short sale has concluded? It is impossible to say conclusively, but first and foremost it is important to understand how a credit report is scored.

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How judgments affect your credit score

Any new negative claim against your credit is going to hurt your credit score. Those are the simple facts. Judgments are considered a bit more severe than late payments and collection accounts; they are viewed more similarly to a bankruptcy or foreclosure. This means you can count on a hit of somewhere between 120 to 200 points. It’s not pretty so if there is any possibility or opportunity to avoid a judgment you’ll definitely want to take them up on their offer.

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Here is your Short Sale FAQ

Facing the reality of the possibility of a short sale leads each and every homeowner to question what a short sale will mean for them and wondering what to really expect.>

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