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Praxis Credit Consulting Budgeting Course.

See for yourself how powerful this program can be for you.

The 3 day trial credit repair program will get you a peek into Praxis Credit University which allows you access to see our established track record of credit repair. You will be able to view the departments and different levels ofcredit repair our University offers. These departments will start with cleaning up your past from credit challenges.  This includes a step by step program to take you from having less than perfect credit to getting you credit qualified. Our proven track record of credit repair is displayed for your inspection to assist you on taking the first steps to your credit report recovery. The tools and features of this trial are the same as our PremiumCredit Repair program.  


Budgeting Course - Details

Budgeting Classes

You will be able to get a glimpse of Praxis Credit University's credit repair classes for 3 days. No matter how many items you have to dispute you will find all the tools in this section. Classes will teach you how to dispute items that are misleading, obsolete, inaccurate or duplications and give you the knowledge on how to use the laws needed to make them work.

Financial Calculators Tools

We offer financial calculators for mortgage; auto lease & payday loans so that you identify the cost of your different accounts. We help you understand in simple English on how to deal with these complex banking questions. 

Budgeting Tools

The budgeting tools will help you identify where your monies are going. These will generally assist you in locating what categories are out of line, which could be causing your credit issues. We begin gathering information about your case the same day you complete the engagement agreement by asking you to identify questionable negative items on your credit reports.

A copy of your credit report (all 3 bureaus) is required for our exclusive budget management system. 

Credit Library

We bring all the information together about your credit report. Learn how judgments, liens, collections and bankruptcy affect your reports. Find definitions of the laws so that you can understand how to apply them to your situation. There are too many additional tools & services available to list here.

Pod Casts

Praxis Credit University provides a serious of pod cast classes to better assist your experience. We will also provide additional feeds from various providers to assist in your credit education. .

No hidden fees

Since you are only paying for a peek into our program there is no reason to fear any additional fees. You will only be charged for the products or services you request.  However you can always upgrade to any of the other Praxis managed programs at any time during this 3 day trial. All of our programs are designed to give you control of the credit repair process. Praxis Credit Consulting provides credit tools to help challenge credit bureaus with the proper dispute documentation.

You’re only one step away … to get your peek.

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