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Praxis Credit Consultants are expert counselors who can help you:

Fast Start to Repairing and rebuilding your credit

Straight out of the gun! With proven methods already in place to help you reach your goals as soon as possible. We dispute all the items that are misleading, obsolete, inaccurate or duplications on your reports. This provides the assurance to deliver the best value in the industry.


The advantage of having a credit coach

Many people are unclear on even how to read a credit report much less know where to start on the reporting problems. Since the credit problems are usually hard to spot we offer a free credit consult to help provide you with the information on which items need to be disputed. We help you identify even the most subtle dispute items to create a solid plan of attack so that you can reach your goals of higher credit in no time.

Clear direction from a professional credit consultant

Your credit scores matter since it is your adult report card. For the best results possible you must make smart strategic decisions. While we review your credit report our credit consultant will identify specific actions for you can take to optimize your scores.


Now that you know what we can do for you.

Lets find out what program works best for you?


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