Someone stole my Identity

Some one stole my Identity

Why is identity theft so widespread? According to the 2005 Fraud Survey by the Better Business Bureau, half of victims recognize the perpetrator.

These are red flags to watch out for.

1. Resentment:

I was employed by a company that dealt with stolen and lost credit card reports. I don't know how often someone called to say their ex- or soon to be ex spouse had stolen all their financial information. Then they went on a spending spree of revenge. It's not just for ex-husbands or wives, but anger can be a powerful emotion. This is the most destructive form of identity theft, both financially and emotionally. It's because they have complete access to your private information and are familiar with you. No matter the relationship, it is important to keep an eye on your credit score and other financial information.

2. The Snoop:

People who ask too many personal questions. It's easy to ignore them. They may even be able to access your personal information. It could be completely innocent, but ID theft is the most serious crime in the country.


"I do not have any drug addicts in the family." It's a good deal, but substance abusers will also steal from you. Identity thieves include addicts to porn and alcoholics. The internet is a billion-dollar industry. Jim Vaules is an expert on identity theft for Lexis Nexis. He says that you see a lot online gambling and pornography sites being charged with stolen cards. [Identity Thieves] may use the card of a friend or family member. Any obsessive behavior can make a person lose their ability to think rationally. The only thing that matters is completing the habit right now! Addiction can also mean that identity thieves will likely justify their actions. Even if they are caught red-handed, it is possible that they will say it's not their fault, blame you, or shrug their shoulders and just say "so what?"

In such cases, what should you do? It may not be a bad idea to file a police report. MSN Money author Liz Pullman Weston says that "a little tough love may just be all it takes to stop a criminal from turning into a career criminal." Even if they apologize profusely and promise never to do it again (a common occurrence), the chances are good they'll do it again unless they receive counseling. It is possible to file a police report, no matter how reluctant or not. You may also notice other signs. Someone who lives beyond their means, or mail that appears to have been altered. You must be vigilant about credit monitoring, keeping private information safe, shredding documents, and monitoring your credit. The best thing about identity theft is your peace of mind when you realize it wasn't someone you know. 



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