So you think you know how to fix your credit on your own? Thinking you’ll close your credit cards to boost your score? Not always. Well surely if you pay off that four-year-old collection account your credit will sky rocket right away! Probably not. Sounds crazy right? Well the way credit is scored IS pretty crazy and that’s why we are here to help.



You hear all the time that it is easy enough to just fix your credit on your own. Truthfully and honestly, even if I weren’t in the credit counseling business I would tell you that it really isn’t always that simple. A FICO score is generated based on a secret mathematical algorithm pulled from all of your credit history, weighing a late payment one-way and a bankruptcy another. Oh yea, and there are three different companies, each with a different formula to make up your credit score, all of which are changing constantly!


Managing your credit isn’t like baking a cake. You can’t follow a pre-printed set of directions. Pay off a little of this, open a credit line for that and wait for two months for your credit to catch up, and wa-la! Open the oven and you may end up with a pancake or a pan of soup instead. Okay, enough with the metaphor. We all have different financial histories and therefore it’s going to be a different road to recovery for all of us. To be able to create a great credit report and therefore a great credit score you need to have a customized plan in the short and long-term to really be able to have a gorgeous credit score.