After bankruptcy you can’t avoid credit forever

Bankruptcy isn’t the final nail in the credit coffin.It is nearly impossible to live without credit or at least an established credit history. Whether you like it or not it, credit will be needed in the future for one thing or another. Those who have filed either a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy are faced with the difficult task of reestablishing credit after the discharge of their old debt which is certainly more difficult than establishing credit the first time. Both types of bankruptcy will remain on the individual’s credit report for up to ten years and will serve as a huge impairment on anyone’s credit. Before new credit is established out of bankruptcy, people face suspicions by new lenders that they are permanently unable to effectively manage debt and therefore shouldn’t be able to acquire new lines of credit.Of course this is absolutely untrue.

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Do you ever wonder how those people with 700 plus credit scores do it?  Well we have the answer for you. Our experienced credit counselors know exactly how it’s done.  Even better is that they know how to help guide you from a horrible score to an envious one. Money is tight for everyone.  So now, more than ever, banks and credit agencies are lending funds to customers with only the best of credit scores. This means it’s more important than ever to have that stellar credit rating. Let us help you become one of the few able to qualify for lower than ever interest rates!

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Is Your Credit Crap?

Crappy credit is our specialty! You say the word and we can help you turn your financial outlook around!  At Praxis Credit Consulting we help our clients put those ugly credit mistakes in their past and move forward to a positive financial future. It is time to take control of your finances and never get another pestering collection call again!

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Don’t Hide From Your Credit Mistakes!


It may be easier now to hide your head in the sand and try to forget those ugly blemishes on your credit report, but it won’t fix the problem. As a matter of fact it is probably making them exponentially worse. It is time to start digging yourself out of that credit nightmare before it becomes hopeless.


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Does Your Credit Make You Want To Cry?

Dry your tears! Praxis Credit Consulting has the solution. Don’t go day to day worrying about the next time you have to explain away your ugly credit. We can help you clear up your credit history and set you on your path to rebuilding a positive credit rating that will have you smiling your way to low interest rates and simple qualifications.

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Find Out The Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Filing for Bankruptcy is the very last resort for people overburdened by debts and unable to clear them. The decision to file bankruptcy is a grave one and it is recommended not to make such a decision in haste.

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How To Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

If you are worried about rebuilding Credit after Bankruptcy, this article will help you with some general advice about how to find your way back to the top. What filing bankruptcy is all about Bankruptcy is a process whereby a person in debt can crawl out from under it and start again.

Watch these this video to get a better understanding of what you can expect. After you have filed bankruptcy you will then need to have your credit rebuilt.

Steps to take:

1 - Talk to a attorney

They will explain the options to you so that you will know which type you will be able to qualifiy into Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11.

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