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Powerful, simple and easy to use Programs.

We have carefully thought through the credit repair process over the last decade. We make it easy for you with todays technologies. All of our programs follow strict guidelines and all Federal Trade Commission, Local and State regulations . We have hand crafted the process to be tailored to your personal needs. 

Customer Service


 We will identify your goals so we can taylor a program that will generate results in the shortest amount of time.

Progress tracker

You will see updates to your file as you pass the milestones of the program.Our programs have 4 stages - Free Consultation, Proven track record with the Credit Bureau's, Mid Evaluation and Final Evaluation

Well documented.

We track every step of the process with state of the art software so that we can stay up to date with industry and economic changes. So we can generate you the very best results.

Real People.

Praxis has gathered a team of people that have all seen the challenges you're currently facing with credit.  We can relate to you on a personal level to understand what you are going through. We will create a simple step by step path for you to follow to get your credit back in order.

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Our Products Focus on You

Local Office

We have a simple rule, answer the phone. We can do everything over the internet or phone for your convenience. However we will always be available to set up an appointment to shake your hand and look you in the eye.

Over a decade of being in Business

We have been doing business in the Phoenix Metro area for over a decade. 

Proven results 

According to the laws and regulations we cannot give guarantees BUT we have a few file cabinets full of examples of people just like you that had items that were misleading, obsolete, inaccurate and duplications on their reports. Give us a call to schedule your FREE Consultation and we can show you the proof. 

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Proven Programs

 With the correct road map, tailored strategies  and persistence our systems have already proven the results for years. Come see how we will generate the results you are looking for in this program.

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Road map for success.

You can't get across town or country with out a road map (well GPS), building and repairing credit is no different. Our programs will take you down the yellow brick road to get you to your goal.