DIY Credit Repair: 10 Hilarious Hacks to Boost Your Credit Score

Are you tired of your credit score playing hide-and-seek with your financial dreams? Well, you're in for a treat, because we're about to embark on a credit repair journey that's as entertaining as it is effective. Grab your popcorn, folks, because we're diving into the whimsical world of credit score improvement with ten quirky and quick fixes!

1. Channel Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes may be a fictional detective, but you can solve your own credit mysteries! Grab a magnifying glass (or a smartphone, whichever is handier), and investigate your credit report. Look for any errors or discrepancies that might be holding your score hostage. One typo could mean the difference between a good score and a great one!

2. Be the Smooth Operator You Were Born to Be

Imagine you're James Bond, navigating the world of credit with effortless charm. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to negotiate with your creditors. Offer them a deal they can't refuse—a payment plan that works for both parties. Remember, even the toughest villains can be swayed with the right approach!

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Top 3 Things To Look For In A Credit Repair Company Online

If it's been some time since you reviewed your credit report, you may be shocked to find errors, mistakes or black marks on it. Thankfully, Credit Repair Companies can help fix those mistakes and erase those black marks; just be wary of scammers by following these tips for selecting a reliable Credit Repair Company:

Don't pay anything upfront.

Avoid Credit Repair Companies that require you to pay before they meet with you. Reputable companies will first talk with you, assess your credit report and discuss your current situation before asking for any payment. An up-front fee is often indicative of how quickly they'll take advantage of you; no matter the charge is reasonable if they claim it'll cost thousands, look for another Credit Repair Company instead.

Be wary of "re-inventors".

Some companies claim you can clean your credit slate clean by "re-inventing" yourself with a new social security number, but this isn't always the case! In most cases, what they intend to do is obtain you an Employee Identification Number (EIN), which looks just like your social security number and instructs you how to use it as such. Unfortunately, this practice of "file segregation" is both illegal and fraudulent - avoid any credit repair company suggesting this method!

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How can Praxis Credit help my score?

We have been helping people clean Credit Reports since 2004, removing items that are misleading, inaccurate, obsolete and duplications. We use strict compliance monitoring systems and the most creative credit repair strategies to generate industry leading results. Praxis Credit Consulting continues to set the pace to generate second chances for our clients in the credit repair industry. Praxis Credit Consulting has become a trusted leader and is committed to providing quality services with a proven track record. For over a Decade we have helped people create a second chances to not only obtain their goals of home ownership, better jobs, and saving on day to day items (insurance, credit card interests, mortgage loans and auto loans)

A Brief History of Praxis Credit Consulting 

We were founded in 2004 here in Phoenix, when our owner wasn’t able to find assistance of putting his life/finances together after a divorce. With all the so called help and misguided information provided to the general public he set out to find the truth. Creating a road map to have better credit

17 years of expeirence 

Track Record 
Over the last decade we have created a system not only to correct the mistakes of the past but also on how to use the modern day tools to create a better score

Hard Working Team
Our staff will help you create a credit experience that leverages the latest technologies and current laws.

Transparent framework helps in transforming assignments and activities to makes them clear and understandable.

24/7 Availability
Using todays technology we have found ways to keep you engaged, informed & up to date on your progress of your credit reports


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What Praxis Credit Consulting Can Do For You


Praxis Credit Consultants are expert counselors who can help you:

Fast Start to Repairing and rebuilding your credit

Straight out of the gun! With proven methods already in place to help you reach your goals as soon as possible. We dispute all the items that are misleading, obsolete, inaccurate or duplications on your reports. This provides the assurance to deliver the best value in the industry.


The advantage of having a credit coach

Many people are unclear on even how to read a credit report much less know where to start on the reporting problems. Since the credit problems are usually hard to spot we offer a free credit consult to help provide you with the information on which items need to be disputed. We help you identify even the most subtle dispute items to create a solid plan of attack so that you can reach your goals of higher credit in no time.

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The Praxis Credit Consulting difference


The Praxis Credit Consulting difference…

Our People.

At Praxis Credit Consulting you will immediately notice a difference with our impeccable customer service. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve because we know what you have been experiencing.


Our employees go through extensive training not only in reading credit reports but the laws that govern them; they are motivated to help you with your credit challenges, and friendly to better serve your needs. At Praxis Credit Consulting we are like family so we will do everything we can to help you and your credit hurdles.


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Credit Repair FAQ's


Question 1 - Does it really work? or do you just mail out a ton of letters?

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Credit Repair: How it can help you


When it comes to your credit, even the smallest mistake can come back to bite you in the future. To make matters worse, if you’re like most with damaged credit it isn’t due to one late payment. More than likely you’ve taken a slide down the slippery slope and had one late payment lead to another on one card, and a collection account on another, and so on. Debt management can be quite difficult once that first payment is missed, you end up feeling like you’re playing catch up and can’t quite ever catch your breath. Credit repair is the first step to picking yourself back up to stop hiding from collection calls or nasty letters in the mail.

Credit repair can’t erase your credit history. If anyone or company ever tells you that they are able to “make your bad credit disappear”, they are lying or doing something very illegal. The reality is, is that your credit mistakes will always appear on your credit, but what credit repair does is diminish the impact of those negative aspects. There are three essential steps to credit repair:

1. Clean up misreported, fraudulent or inaccurate information

2. Organize your payment schedules and monthly cash flow to work away at your current debt

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How to choose a credit repair service


There is no doubt you’ve heard horror stories of people victimized by deceitful credit repair companies. We realize we run our business in an industry with an ugly reputation and in despite of these negativities we strive to provide a transparent plan of action to ensure you that we are here to help. Just as you may be looking for help in repairing your credit to show lenders that you’re a trustworthy individual in the sea of devious people, we strive to show you the same.

Your credit history is important and if you’re already suffering from a blemished past, the last thing you need is to be taken advantage of and left in a worse credit mess than you were previously. Whether you choose to work with us at Praxis Credit Consulting, or with another credit counseling service (though we really hope you choose us) there are a few important aspects of a counseling service you should consider.

First, do your research

Welcome to the age of free and easy to access information! Simply Google searching any credit repair service you may be considering will help shed a decent amount of light on the type of company you may be dealing with. See if there are past customer testimonials or client reviews available to read. But don’t stop here. Check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if they are a member as well as their current rating within the Bureau. To be very safe, you may want to check with your state’s Corporation Commission to see if there are any legal actions pending with this company.

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How To Increase Your Credit Score With Credit Cards


Credit cards are often the first step for a Consumer to build their credit score. When you make regular payments with a small Credit Limit, lenders will be more willing to lend you larger amounts. Before you jump out and open an account, make sure you don’t have too many credit lines open or otherwise hurt your credit.

Pick A Good Card

Credit Card companies offer several different types of credit cards for consumers. You can find student programs that require no Co-Signer or income. This is a great offer for your first card, but these cards also have higher rates.

You can also find cards with cash back rewards or other incentives. The trade-off are higher rates though. However, you can find no frill cards with low interest rates if you plan to carry a balance. Whichever credit card program you choose, make sure it fits with your financial goals.

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Even Affluent Women May No Longer Be Eligible for Credit Cards


WOW – this article by JEFF LANDERS really spells out how far off the the mark we (OUR elected officials – congress) are with both issuing credit and using credit. We need to protect our self from our self….if i was a woman i would be up in arms about this. Enjoy the read he really does nail this one.

The federal government is cracking down on who can and cannot own credit cards –and for some women, these changes could have dire consequences.

Under new rules in development by the Federal Reserve Board, banks will have to consider a consumer’s individual income as part of the credit card application process. Your household income or assets will no longer factor into the equation if you need credit.

This appears to be yet another law with unintended consequences. Although regulators undoubtedly saw these changes as a way to make it more difficult for consumers without income –particularly, underage students and the unemployed –to get in over their heads with credit card debt, they obviously missed an important point.

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Experian starts to help bad credit renters by reporting history

Experian is beginning to assist renters build credit scores with the recent purchase of RentBureau. RentBureau is a company that collects information from landlords on renter payments. Their goal is to incorporate the rental payment history as an active trade line to generate part of the historical information.

This will help with multiple groups:

College no more free credit cards to pay for beer LOL!

helps in getting jobs, since more companies are using credit reports to screen applications.

will help create a stable payment history.

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The essential do-it-yourself credit fixes

Ok, so now that you have corrected all of the mistakes on your credit report, you are at the perfect starting point to really dig in on the do-it-yourself credit fixes. Take a deep breath and prepare for some painful introspection and an honest look at your financial situation. Wait, wait, don’t stop reading! It’s completely worth your time and effort, your credit score will thank you.

Take an hour or so and pull together all of your bank statements, credit card statements and that credit report you pulled after you finished correcting your credit report. Take an honest look at the report, specifically the derogatory accounts section.

What to look for in the derogatory accounts section:

1. Identify the problem -Get out your highlighter and mark up the “derogatory” items. You could see late payments, collection accounts, or a past bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale items. This will help you pinpoint exactly where to begin your restoration.

2. Interpret the problem - If you have a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale in your past there is not much you can do to “restore” your credit. You’ll need to focus on establishing positive credit instead. If the shadow in your past is mostly items like late payments or collection accounts, it’s time to establish automatic bill-pay or payment plans.

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Most of us want a good credit report…

Most of us want a good credit report to obtain automobile financing, credit cards, and to purchase a home. But, beyond these consumer loans, your credit report can cost you in everyday living expenses. What you don’t know about your credit could be costing you money.

Having a credit card means that you can order tickets, rent a car, and reserve hotel rooms. Besides these conveniences, your credit report can mean that you must pay higher deposits and fees for everyday services.

Did you know that your credit history can keep you from getting utility connections, good telephone rates, the best auto insurance, home owner’s insurance, or even keep you from getting hired?

1. Some utility companies set minimum standards for service connections. If your report shows collection accounts for prior utility bills, you may not be eligible for service at all. And if utility companies do agree to connect your service, you’ll need to pay a higher deposit than another customer with good credit who may not need to make any deposit.

2. The same requirements exist for telephone services. People with a good credit history don’t need to pay deposits for home telephone or cell phone services. When we first got a cell phone with poor credit scores, we had to pay a 0 deposit, for one cell phone. After fixing our credit, we got eight cell phones for our business, with zero deposits.

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Credit Repair; Help is Out There


Credit Repair is not a losing battle. Any and all tactics to improve or repair your score are well worth your time and effort; but there are better ways than others to help best determine where to start and how to best allocate that time and effort to make the most difference.



There are many companies offering to help you repair your credit score and even more willing to take your money and repay you with just about nothing other than a big bill and still just as ugly of credit. It is important to understand that each persons’ credit history is different and if there is a company out there offering a quick and simple ‘one size fits all’ solution it is best to avoid them all together. An individual with a few late credit card payments should have an entirely different repair plan than the one fresh out of bankruptcy, foreclosure, or a short sale or two.



In order to repair credit, it is important to first and most importantly understand credit and how it works! If you’re one of the lucky ones with cash on hand to begin repairing your credit there are still quite a few things you should know before you do so. Simply throwing money at your overdue bills may get the creditors to stop calling, but it will not fix the whole problem and it certainly will not repair your credit. If you’re like most people in need of credit repair, you may just need a clear plan of action and a moment to breathe some fresh air instead of lying helpless under that mountain of overdue notices and stress.



Help really is out there. There are a handful of honest companies out there offering legitimate advice, counseling and education on how to best repair your own individual credit. One of the best ways to find great service and honest results are to ask friends, relatives or reliable individuals if they have any dependable referrals or if they know of a great credit repair companies.


Unfortunately for many, damaged credit can be a touchy subject and friends or family members may not be too willing to discuss such sensitive information. A good way to determine an honest credit repair company is to be sure that all of the information and advice they provide is drawn specifically from your credit report; in other words if they are able to bark our generic answers over the phone without looking at your scenario, hang up. Credit repair can be quite complex, that’s why you are looking for advice now isn’t it? There are no simple answers when it comes to credit, so be ready to face the tough question and don’t be afraid to ask even tougher ones.

Next Step

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The most important do-it-yourself credit fix

Managing your credit can be quite an undertaking, especially when you start with a less than perfect credit history. If you’re someone with great credit, congratulations! Just keep doing what you’re doing! If you’re like the rest of us there is room for improvement. Not to worry there are a few simple fixes to boost your credit score all by yourself.

To be honest, we’re not in the business of sharing our best strategies to fix a credit score, but there are a few simple steps you can take which will without a doubt improve your score. Follow these straightforward steps and you’ll be on the road to a credit score that won’t make you cringe.

1. You’ve got to start somewhere - Pull your free annual credit report from

2. Check & double check - Read it carefully! Double check all of the information is correct, if you have questions or doubts, highlight the item and research further. Lenders typically do a decent job of reporting items correctly, but there is more often than not at least one mistake on every credit report.

3. You’re the boss - Take charge of these questionable items. Contact the business with which you hold the account and see if they’ll work with you. If you face resistance write a formal letter to the business with copies sent to the 3 credit bureaus; keep one for yourself too.

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10 Credit Myths

As they say, ‘Knowledge is power.’ Many times people either act on false information or fail to act because they didn’t know what could be done to their benefit. This is the case in many areas of life, but on the top of that list is money. And in the money category, you will find lots of misinformation about Credit.

There is so much to talk about on the topic of credit myths that an entire book could be dedicated to it.

Myth #1: I’m a complete financial loser for getting myself into this mess.

Fact: It may be true that you’re responsible for getting into debt, but that doesn’t make you a loser. In fact, it may not be your fault at all. As long as you start working on becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to finances, you will ultimately find success in controlling your debt.

Myth #2: Credit is what got me into this mess.

Fact: Spending is what got you into this mess (debt). Credit was the means to spend. If your problem is spending, then you very well may have spent all your cash. However, credit cards may make it easier to spend.

Myth #3: There’s nothing I can do about it now. My credit is destroyed forever!

Fact: As long as you work, starting today, to rebuild your credit, you’ll eventually get it under control. Rebuilding your credit means: (1) Paying on time; (2) Looking for better credit options; and (3) Learning more about money and credit.

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