Bad Credit Car Loans Have Their Advantages

Are you one of the many people with credit issues? Bad and poor credit are more common than you might think and shouldn't be something to feel ashamed about. With some effort and determination, however, you can improve your rating significantly.

Even with bad credit, it's possible to get a car loan. There are some things you should take into account before beginning the search for your dream automobile, though. Never accept any vehicle payment that you cannot afford; using a bad credit car loan as an opportunity to rebuild your credit is much worse than purchasing one without enough funds available - buying such an item could further damage your rating.

To be eligible for a car loan with poor credit, you must have enough income to cover all bills and cover the cost of maintaining and insuring your vehicle. Even if your credit isn't perfect, steady employment could help get approved for a bad credit car loan. Make sure your current address remains updated throughout this time so lenders won't overlook your poor credit history and increase the chance that approval will come easier.

Financing your car with a bad credit loan requires making an impressive down payment. Depending on the model of car you select, this amount could range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If you're in the market for financing a vehicle, becoming a member of a credit union could be beneficial. Credit union loan application criteria tend to be less stringent than those used by banks and finance companies, meaning that even with bad credit they may be more willing to approve your application for a car loan.

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Credit Forecast: 2012


2012 is likely to be a year of credit recovery thanks to the legislation of 2011 as well as the evolution of consumer outlook on their financial needs versus wants list. It of course can’t be set into stone that 2012 will bring about an even better economic and credit climate than last year, but there are six factors which forecasters consider positive indications.


  1. Higher Credit Scores – Overall economic stability likely means higher credit scores across the board. National unemployment dropped from 2010 to 2011 and has indications of further dropping in 2012. How does this mean higher credit scores? Typically consistent income and jobs is a direct indicator that consumers will be able to pay their bills on time and therefore be able to maintain a healthy credit score.

  2. What Frank-Dodd did Part 1 - The Frank-Dodd act of 2010 put into effect as of October 1st, 2011 a multitude of financial policies to benefit and protect consumers. One of the many changes under this law changed transaction fees banks are allowed to charge on debit card transactions. Since October we’ve seen a bit of flip-flopping of banks attempting to enact a monthly debit card fee. It’s hard to say where this will land but its more than likely that we will see less debit card use and a rise in pre-paid “debit” cards as well as rewards credit cards. An increase in credit card use should help boost the credit economy.

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