Credit Repair FAQ's


Question 1 - Does it really work? or do you just mail out a ton of letters?


Answer - Yes, it does. It is not only sending out letters but, also using the consumer protection laws that are

currently in place for your benefit.

Question 2 - How long does it take?

Answer - We have been cleaning credit since 2004, what we have found is that it will generally take about 8 to 10 months. However our programs are all 8 month programs to give you the benefit of a starting & stopping point to evaluate not only our performance but for you to see if it is working for you. 

Question 3 What does it cost?

Answer – We have a program that will fit any budget and any skill level. For those of you that want to do-it-yourself we have a program for you. Those of you that want the professionals to the work, then either the Economy program or the personal coach of the Praxis Credit Repair will server you well.

How long has Praxis Credit Consulting been in business?

Answer – We have been in the industry since 2004 but one of the owners has been dealing with bad credit since 1999. Our proven system has been created from living through the challenges of bad credit not just reading it out of a book or a program online. We have developed proven technologies & systems that we can show you to improve your credit scores.  

Where is Praxis Credit Consulting located? 

Answer – We are located in Tempe Arizona but with our online portal we can now reach out to multiple areas of the southwest.

How do I get started?

Answer – Well that is easy click the link below so that you can see all of our programs. Then just pick the one that best fits your needs or call us at 480.993.2121 to get a specialist on the line.

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