Credit Restoration Companies Get A Bad Rap!


Why is it that all credit repair companies have a bad rap these days? The last time I checked Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse wasn’t getting yelled for a poorly cooked steak, or McDonalds making a bad burger!(well okay maybe that’s true – but you get the idea) Credit repair companies are not all created the same. Sure there are better companies than others but all credit counseling companies aren’t bad. Unquestioningly there have been some rotten burgers in the credit repair business, some so bad you’d have food poisoning for days, but the whole of the industry itself is out to help consumers - not hurt.



The way that our entire financial system has been structured relies almost entirely on the FICO credit rating system. We live in a huge community and realistically and unfortunately there aren’t many other ways to learn about a person’s financial responsibility than to keep track of their past under this system. But because everything is so heavily relied upon your credit score, you better have a great one! Credit repair companies have since popped up to help-out consumers to navigate the FICO credit rating system; and this is exactly why we are here!


You’ve probably seen three-minute spots on the news or splashy headlines about “credit repair” companies taking advantage of consumers. Realistically these aren’t even truly credit repair companies in the first place. Even still, every industry has a few bad apples, or burgers if you will. Take the stereotype of the ambulance chasing, money-grubbing lawyer, or the heartless, filthy slumlord. Of course not all lawyers or landlords are in business to take advantage of their clients or tenants, as a matter of fact MOST aren’t! This small minority is in no way a fair representation of the type of business the majority of us run and that’s a fact.


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Sunday, 25 February 2024

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