Does the American Dream come to those with bad credit?


I was asked today if people with bad credit just rent for the rest of their life....

I had to sit back and think for a second because, I knew 10 Praxis Credit Consulting graduates that started our program with scores of 490’s and filed Bankruptcy who just closed on houses in May 2013 alone! So YEAH the American dream of owning a home is ALIVE AND WELL for those with bad credit!

These were all your friends and family members that everyone seems to know right now – one was living with their in-laws in Mesa, another with his brother in Phoenix. You see the stories on the news all the time.

All of these folks just followed the simple road map that we laid out for them to get to their goals of owning a home.
I have to say when – they told me they couldn’t of done it alone it makes me feel pretty good that we are really helping people.

You can get to your goals as well if you follow these easy steps:
* Know or at least look at your credit score – so you know “if” you can get qualified.

– This way you can correct or address any of the challenges you may have with your Bad Credit.

* Talk to a mortgage professional (not your friend that says he can still do loans) – after you have looked at your score.

– Do this so you know how much of a house you can buy. (P.S let’s not relive all the foreclosures again)

* Then go find your dream house.
– Then you talk with a Realtor (they will be much nicer to you when they know you can qualify to buy a house!)

You can have us help you look at your credit report or do it on your own – but as Nike says “JUST DO IT”. Praxis Credit Consulting does offer a FREE consultation to point you in the right direction – you can decide if you move forward.
IN closing – there are some great deals out there! Don’t waste your money on RENT just because of your credit.

Find Out If You Can Really Own A Home With Bad Credit

Next step to fix bad credit

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Thursday, 29 February 2024

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