How to pick a Real Estate Agent

These steps will assist you in discovering the ideal agent.

1. Online Comparison of Real Estate Agents Comparing real estate agents online allows for an informed decision.

2. Refer a friend
3. To experience the real thing, visit your local housing market

4. A minimum of three agents must be present.

5. Ask the Appropriate Questions
Asking questions that are pertinent and insightful can be a key aspect of success when conducting market research.

6. Please describe your communication preferences.

7. Define Your Motivations for Selling
Clarify why you wish to sell.

8. Outline your selling strategy and determine how many showings will take place.

9. It is essential to reach consensus on all details.

Selling a house can be an uphill battle, no matter if you're new or experienced at it. According to Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 83% of sellers prefer listing with a realtor for ease of the process.

Sellers deem the following services to be extremely or very valuable: their capacity for finding buyers (85%), guidance through the selling process (80%), and handling of contract negotiations (80%).

Though most sellers recognize the advantages of having an agent to assist them with their real estate transactions, nearly one-half (18%) report it is either very difficult or impossible to locate the ideal one. Read on for tips on selecting an experienced realty agent.

1. Comparing Real Estate Agents Online
Comparison of real estate agents can be done online to provide customers with an informed choice.

Zillow's Agent Finder tool makes it simple to locate agents in your vicinity. You can read reviews and look at the number of properties sold by each agent. After narrowing down your choices, use other online tools that will verify their reputation online. Pro tip: Pay attention to how an agent handles negative or neutral reviews.

2. Refer a friend
Referring someone trustworthy to an agent is often the best way to locate one. Zillow research has revealed that over half of sellers (22%) were referred by friends, family members or colleagues.

3. To experience the real thing, visit your local housing market.

If you have the time and desire to locate repeat agents, take a drive or walk around your neighborhood looking for them on real estate signs. Bonus points go out to agents located next to "sold" signs as research shows only 5% of sellers can locate agents by looking at a for-sale notice, while 16% can connect with an agent through personal contact.

Visit an open house near you to observe the interaction between potential buyers and agents. Don't just rush to obtain a business card; take time to chat with the agent and pay attention to his/her personality and professional chemistry. 7% of sellers meet with their agents at these events.

4. A minimum of three agents must be present.

Zillow research has indicated that 56% of sellers only deal with one real estate agent. Speaking to multiple agents will give you the chance to compare and contrast each agent and identify which one best suits your needs - similar to interviewing for a job. A referral or local reputation could point you in the direction of an excellent performing real estate agent. It's best to ask all three the same questions so you can compare their answers.

5. Ask the Right Questions
Asking the correct questions can lead to insightful answers and insightful discoveries.

To get a glimpse of their business style, ask the essential screening questions.

How do you perceive the real estate industry?

Do you prefer working with buyers or sellers?

How many customers do you currently have?

Are You Part of an International Team?

What is your area of expertise?
Do you feel confident that your team has the capacity to manage my situation effectively and efficiently?

How can I sell my house?

Please provide me with references.

6. Please describe your communication preferences.

Before signing anything, make sure you and the agent are on the same page. Discuss how they'll keep you informed and how often they can contact you. If email communication is more your style, this may not work out; however, some agents are more responsive via phone calls. It may be worth exploring whether someone with more similar needs exists in your area.

7. Outline Your Motivations for Selling
Once you understand why you are selling, it will become much easier to achieve success.

When selling your home, it is essential that you specify all of your specific requirements. Are you able to set a realistic time frame? A certain amount of money must be raised in order to reach that goal and avoid capital gains tax penalties. Your agent should be informed about these details from the beginning.

8. Outline your selling strategy and anticipate how many showings there will be.

Your potential agent and you should come to an agreement on a selling strategy. Will you host open houses? How many showings would be ideal? How long will it take the agent to contact you before scheduling a showing? Additionally, what marketing tactics will your company utilize to promote the property?

9. It is essential to reach agreement on all details.

Clear expectations are essential to a successful agent-seller relationship. You should agree in writing about your commission structure, listing price and contract duration. What happens if your house doesn't sell within an agreed upon time?

Non-traditional selling strategies

Selling your home by owner (FSBO) could be an option if you don't want to work with an agent. According to Zillow Group's Consumer Housing Trends Report 2019, 11% of people choose this route - however it is a difficult job and full time occupation.

Checklist: What Should I Look For in an Agent?

This checklist can be utilized to aid you in your search for an agent. These characteristics indicate a great real-estate agent.

Familiarization and comfort with the neighborhood and local area

Be sure to invest time in learning all of the details about the house your agent is selling.

Friendly and approachable
Excellent reviews with professional handling of any negative feedback

Local reputation for speedy deal closure

Creative negotiator and proactive problem solver

Does your selling scenario draw upon any experience?

Listen carefully to what you need

Inclosing - Remember this will be one of the most important purchases of your life because in general it is one of the largest you will make.

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