How to send over referral for credit repair

Praxis Credit does not need a referral from Realtors & Lenders in order to provide services, however it's wise for both sides to have an ongoing conversation. As an established lender and banking institution, it's beneficial for everyone involved to be on the same page regarding credit. While we may not be required to address all items raised by the lender, having communication is always beneficial.

When seeking a referral, please follow these steps:

1. Meet With Your Loan Office and Lending Agent
This is an essential step. Doing so will let you know ahead of time that you have been approved to purchase a certain number of houses, helping avoid disappointment when searching for your ideal home only to discover that it's not possible.

Option 1 - The ideal option - You obtain your Letter of Support/Paper that informs the Realtor that you have met all qualifications to purchase and the amount owed.

Option 2: Have Praxis Credit Consulting send an email introduction to your lender for you.

2. Locate your real estate agent. (For more information, check out our blog)
Make sure that the person you select is an experienced professional rather than simply a friend; after all, this will likely be one of the largest purchases of most people's lives.

3. Arrange an Appointment with Praxis Credit Consulting
We will offer a complimentary consultation to review your credit report and explain your available options.

Option 1 - Do the simple fixes yourself

Option 2: Start Your Program with Praxis Credit Consulting

Once your credit plan is fully understood, you can begin the process of clearing up any errors on your adult report card.

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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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