Someone stole my Identity

Why is identity theft so widespread? According to the 2005 Fraud Survey by the Better Business Bureau, half of victims recognize their perpetrator. These are warning signs to watch out for:

1. resentment:

I used to work at a company that handled stolen and lost credit card reports. I don't know how often someone calls to report that their former or soon-to-be former spouse has stolen all their financial details and gone on a spending spree in revenge. This type of emotional blackmail can happen to anyone - not just ex-husbands or wives - but it's especially strong when angered. Identity theft can have devastating results both financially and emotionally. When someone has access to all of your private information, they often become familiar with you.

No matter the relationship, it's essential that you monitor your credit score and other financial data regularly.

Identity theft - the most devastating form of identity theft

2.The Snoop. People who ask too many personal questions. It's easy to ignore them, and they may even have access to your personal information without your knowledge or consent. While ID theft may seem harmless at first glance, it has become one of the most serious crimes in America.

3.Addiction "I do not have any drug addicts in my family." Substance abusers will take advantage of any deal, and identity thieves include addicts to porn and alcoholics. The internet is now worth billions of dollars as Jim Vaules, an expert on identity theft for Lexis Nexis, tells us. He notes that many online gambling and porn sites use stolen cards.

Identity Thieves may use the card of someone close to them, or use someone else's identity. Any obsessive behavior can rob one of their ability to think rationally; the only thing that matters is finishing the habit right now! Addiction can also lead identity thieves to justify their actions.

Even if caught red-handed, it's possible they will claim it wasn't their fault, blame you or simply shrug their shoulders and say "so what?" In such cases, what should you do? Filing a police report may not be a bad idea.

According to MSN Money author Liz Pullman Weston, "a little tough love may just be enough" to prevent criminals from turning into career felons. Even if they apologize profusely and promise never to do it again (which is perfectly normal), there's likely that they won't unless they receive counseling. No matter how reluctant, filing a police report is possible regardless of their response. You may also observe other warning signs.

People living beyond their means, or mail that appears to have been altered are all signs that something is amiss. You should remain vigilant with credit monitoring, keeping private information safe, shredding documents and being on the lookout for identity theft. The best part of identity theft is knowing it wasn't someone close to you - giving you peace of mind that it wasn't someone familiar.

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